FSC understands the ever-evolving dynamics of its customers. FSC’s solutions design team studies current processes and applies science of supply chain management to co-create customised solutions.

Key Competencies

  • Help articulate business needs of customers and define logistics requirements through proprietary tools for project management and implementation such as – FSC Six Sense and FSC Mars.
  • Study customer’s processes and help re-engineer supply chain.
  • Help you draw an effective analysis and design for your supply chain transportation & distribution network through tools like CAPS.
  • Provide facility modelling and layout including evaluation of infrastructure, technology and automation needs.
  • Help design process for labour management, productivity assessment, operational analysis and improvement.
  • Manage the changes and transition due to shift of warehousing operations through proprietary tool MARS.
  • Provide strategic sourcing support.
  • Provide support through 3PL capabilities in Warehousing, Express transportation, Cold Chain and E-Commerce Logistics.
FSC Advantage

FSC is the only supply chain service provider in India who has not only promoted but also created modern Infrastructure in major consumption locations in India.

  • FSC’s project team has been instrumental in designing large big box Distribution Centres and Transportation hubs with built-to-suit features and getting it built by landlords.
  • Help customers design modern warehouses with infra like racking, shelving and Material Handling Equipments (MHEs).

FSC has proven expertise in evaluating and implementing Technology and Automation customised for each customer’s requirements to provide supply chain visibility, accuracy and high service levels.

  • Assess requirements and evaluate and identify technology and automation accordingly.
    Some of the implementations that FSC has done for its customers are
    • Best-in-class Warehouse Management System (WMS).
    • Put-to-Light Sortation System after evaluating best practices and different types of sortation systems.
    • Automation through conveyor systems integrated with Auto Print & Apply and Auto Weigh Check Systems.
    • Mobile Racking system in Cold environment.
  • Use Best-in-class IT tool CAPS for network modelling and design.

In-house expertise in understanding customer’s process flows and help in strategic planning, process re-engineering and supply chain optimisation.

  • Bring global know-how and proven expertise in building supply chain systems and processes across sectors like Food & Beverages, Lifestyle, Consumer Electronics & Hi-Tech, Automotive & Engineering, Home & Furniture, Healthcare, General Merchandise and Light Engineering.
  • Help design systems and processes to reduce operating costs and inefficiencies and increase productivity and service levels.

FSC has also developed its own proprietary tools for supply chain strategy development and implementation leading to achievement of business objectives of its customers.

  • FSC Six Sense is a tool which helps articulate all the processes required to implement a new supply chain project. Right from articulating the business need to creating a blueprint and defining the alliance between FSC and customer, this tool further helps define the project implementation processes leading to flawless execution and further extending to continuous monitoring, improvement and upgradation.
  • MARS is a change management tool which enables smooth transition of shifting of operations to a larger warehouse, with minimal disturbance to day-to-day running of operations and in the least possible time.

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