Fashion and Accessories brands typically have seasonal value, multiplicity of SKUs leading to SKU proliferations, high variability & low predictability of demand and high impulse purchasing.

There has been a shifting of balance of power from the brand to the consumer; the informed consumers dictate what they want, where and why. This makes the fashion market place highly competitive and therefore obsolescence and markdowns are common. Lead times, accuracy, availability and reliability therefore are parameters, which assume critical importance.

Fashion and Accessories supply chain needs to be able to handle huge peak volumes while achieving near full fill- rates and ensuring dispatch accuracies of 100% to minimise obsolescence and markdowns.

FSC Supply Chain Solutions Advantage

FSC has established capabilities to study their customer’s supply chain processes and Re-engineer, Build & Implement Customised Supply Chain Solutions for Fashion and Accessories industry in collaboration with the customer.

FSC as a supply chain service provider is responsive, flexible and highly proactive, with the ability to service high volumes during seasonal peaks, promotional days and also scale up at short notice.

At our Distribution Centres/ Warehouses catering to Fashion brands,

  • A leading edge Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Processes have been implemented which support the large SKU base of Fashion category and Fashion specific processes like single and mixed SKU cross dock, handling pre-packs, sale sets etc.
  • The Put to Light Sortation System, enables category specific and delivery point specific segregation. No further sortation is required at the receiving end.
  • Auto Weigh Check System integrated with auto Print & Apply System ensures 100% dispatch accuracy.
Our scientific supply chain management for the Fashion Supply Chain include
  • Multi-user, Shared- user or Dedicated state-of-the-art automated Distribution Centres/ Warehousing having
    • Multi-level racking, shelving and Material Handling Equipments for safe and secure handling.
    • Cross dock operations.
    • Inbound & Outbound Automation, Conveyors and Sortation Systems.
  • Pan India Distribution and Last Mile Fulfilment Network through Express and Customised Movement Solutions.

    Our well-engineered supply chain solutions are designed to take care of the unique requirements and challenges of each customer in the Fashion and Accessories sector whilst driving down Time-to-Market and Cost- to- Market, thereby increasing revenues and profitability for our customers.

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