Our Mission to increase revenues and profitability of our customers by lowering ‘Time-to-Market’ and ‘Cost-to-Market’ is ably supported by our supply partners.

We work with a diverse group of suppliers ranging from one-person shops to multinational companies and all of them are critical to our success in giving the highest levels of service to our customers. We believe in an approach which helps create a win-win situation for our customers and partners by combining strengths and capabilities.

We are also constantly looking out for adding new business partners to expand our supply chain services and develop new markets, be it in Warehousing, Express transportation, Consulting Logistics, Supply Chain, Cold Chain Logistics or E-Commerce Logistics.

We partner with our transport fleet partners to improve safety and work conditions for the drivers by providing resting rooms & recreation facilities, safety & technical training, health & medical support in addition to a performance based incentive system.

We partner with land owners, infrastructure providers and technology & automation providers to create world class Distribution Centres and Transport Hubs which substantially increase throughput capabilities.

case study

How improvement in Kitting operations improved revenues by 28 times from a single unit.



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