Automation & Technology

Our adoption of technology and automated processes differentiates us within the supply-chain industry in India. We are at the forefront in brining automation to meet client-specific needs. We have made investments to implement technology and processes in order to increase capacity and operating efficiency, thereby improving profitability and allowing us to customise services to suit requirements of our customers.

High Speed Cross Belt Sortation System

The state-of-the-art sortation system is the heart of the system having an incredible sorting capacity of a million units per day, to 400 destinations at a time using the 200 double decker chutes. The Case Sorter is a linear sorter with 16 chutes capable to sort over 40,000 cases per day. The sorters are connected to various induction points in shelving and ground through a network of conveyors alongside a 12 meter high spiral conveyor which is the tallest in the country.


  • High sorting accuracy with minimal human intervention
  • Enhancing DC throughput by 3 times for supporting future growth
  • Optimizing store inventory without increase in any physical storage space

Inbound Automation

The process which was driven manually for shifting the cartons from the vehicles to shelving has been automated. Handling of cases from unloading to put-away minimizes error and increases the speed of delivering cartons to shelving locations. Inward docks have conveyers through which boxes are moved and scanned for each shelving location. The system makes sure that each shipment is loaded on the online system. It also has the capability to reject the non-standard material, hence reducing the chances of error.


  • Improve inbound TAT by ~3 times
  • Significant reduction of inbound staging area
  • Faster Putaway with minimal touches
  • Automated dimensioning, weighing & labeling of inbound merchandise
  • Large volumes can been easily handled, thus increasing throughput

Outbound Automation

Telescopic boom conveyer (TBC), is a technology used for speedy loading operations. It has scanners on both side to read boxes and data is uploaded into system instantly at the time of dispatch.


  • It ensures operations are easily and advantageously performed by system’s extension and retraction parts which can moved forward and reversed.

Picking Process

Voice Picking is an effective tool for picking operations and is designed to keep operators’ hands free and minimize strain on eyes which happens due to hand held terminal(HHT), allowing them to accomplish more tasks each day. Every operator is equipped with a voice dedicated terminal called “Vocollect” and a headset with microphone in which voice modulation is being used for communication between system and operating person. In this way at every step cross verification has been done because of which accuracy in fulfillment increases. Picker’s hands are also free for handling big SKUs as s/he is not holding the HHT in his/her hands anymore. Voice Pick increases the productivity by approximately 30%.


  • Improve picking efficiency with productivity and accuracy
  • Significant reduction in short task, picking errors
  • Faster delivery of articles for sorting
  • Both hands are free for productive work

Put- to- light Sortation System

PTL Technology is a light enabled sorting machine, where the stocks are sorted against light. Each item is scanned and illuminates light for every put location, displaying the number of items is required to complete the order. Operator distributes the items accordingly and extinguish the light once the task is complete

When the order is complete and packed in an outbound container, a label is printed indicating store code, quantity, packed by and date and other merchandize description.

There are 2 zones of 196 lights, each for sorting merchandize for 392 stores across the country for a customer. The zone is further divided into subzones to allow multiple operators to work at a time.


  • Increases pick productivity and improves accuracy
  • Reduces order cycle time and optimizes batch and cluster picking

Print & Apply System


  • Automation through Conveyor Systems integrated with Auto Print & Apply and Auto Weigh Check Systems ensures 100% inward and dispatch accuracy

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application that helps control and manage the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. WMS software guides inventory receiving and put-away, optimizes picking and shipping of orders and advises on inventory replenishment.


  • Enables cross docking
  • Improved order fulfilment and accuracy levels in the warehouse

Integration of two software's- Transport Management System (TMS) and Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) - provide end-to-end visibility of each shipment.

VTS has been further integrated with TMS. Customers get 24 x 7 online access to TMS which provides the following benefits:

  • Generate pick-up requests online and track status of pick-ups
  • On-line modules for COD shipments, appointment based shipments and other
  • Customized options for effective tracking
  • Online visibility and down load option for e-Bills and e-PODs
  • MIS generation and download
  • Consignment tracking in real time

FSConnect: - FSC has integrated a mobility platform TMS to provide real time visibility of the shipment to the customer and enhance customer delight. Using this a customer can know the shipment whereabouts at any point of time with just a click of a button. The customer keeps on receiving automated emails and text messages at regular intervals till the time shipment is delivered. FSC also gets an access to the consolidated dashboard of all the shipments which is used for better monitoring and for future reference

  • WMS enabled facilities with link-up to customer's SAP
  • 100% GPS enabled reefer fleet integrated with best-in-class Transport Management Software
  • GPS based temperature recording and continuous data sharing with the customers

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