Contract logistics services in India


Contract logistics services include analyzing customer sector-specific needs and business processes to plan and create a customized supply chain solution, which includes infrastructure design, inventory management and making technology-enabled distribution centres available for them.

Our distribution centres receive, store, track, and dispatch our customer's inventory and provide end-to-end real time visibility. We also provide value-added services, such as kitting, bundling, unit cartonisation and packaging solutions, depending on customer requirements.

One of the leaders among the logistics companies in India, our core competency lies in integrated technology-enabled Distribution Centres. We partner with our customers and co-create innovative supply chain solutions to effectively reduce their Time-to-Market

Key Competencies

  • Capabilities to study customers' supply chain processes, re-engineer, build and implement efficient supply chain solutions for varied sectors
  • Technology-enabled distribution centres across India with warehouse height ranging from 7.5 to 14 meters
  • Multi-user, built-to-suit and scalable boxes based on customer requirements and the ability to manage high throughputs, large volumes and multiple SKU mix Proven expertise in Value Added Services such as Kitting, Bundling and Promo-packaging
  • GST ready network of Logistics Parks across all high growth consumption clusters in India
  • Logistics Parks are equipped with exclusive lanes for trucks and employee vehicles, peripheral road to facilitate easy vehicular movement and manage peak Inbound and Outbound movement, truck parking bays and amenities block for drivers
  • Built to Suit state-of-the-art DCs across logistics parks with minimum height of 12mts
  • DCs are designed to ensure six air changes in an hour and better ventilation with sky lighting to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Ceiling and all side walls have thermal insulation and louvers to counter extreme temperatures, thus creating better working conditions. All DCs are Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) compliant and fully equipped with all modern amenities
  • DCs are equipped with global best practices in pallet racking (G+4 to G+7), shelving (G+2 to G+5) and best-in-class Material Handling Equipments (MHEs)
  • Integrated Food DCs: - IFDC network is envisaged for the fulfillment of the small format stores to have a robust supply chain network. FSC has analyzed and arrived at a network of 38 IFDC's across the length and breadth of the country which cover ~95% of India's geography.

Our adoption of technology and automated processes differentiates us within the supply-chain industry in India. We are at the forefront in bringing automation to meet client-specific needs. We have made investments to implement technology and processes in order to increase capacity and operating efficiency, thereby improving profitability and allowing us to customize services to suit requirements of our customers.

High Speed Cross Belt Sortation System

contract logistics services in india - FSC


  • High sorting accuracy with minimal human intervention
  • Enhancing DC throughput by 3 times for supporting future growth
  • Optimizing store inventory without increase in any physical storage space

Inbound Automation

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  • Improve inbound TAT by ~3 times
  • Significant reduction of inbound staging area
  • Faster Putaway with minimal touches
  • Automated dimensioning, weighing & labeling of inbound merchandise
  • Large volumes can been easily handled, thus increasing throughput

Outbound Automation

Indian Logistics Transport Services - FSC


  • It ensures operations are easily and advantageously performed by systematic extension and retraction parts which can be moved forward and reversed.

Picking Process

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  • Improve picking efficiency with productivity and accuracy
  • Significant reduction in short task, picking errors
  • Faster delivery of articles for sorting
  • Both hands are free for productive work

Put- to- light Sortation System

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  • Increases pick productivity and improves accuracy
  • Reduces order cycle time and optimizes batch and cluster picking

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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  • Enables cross docking
  • Improved order fulfilment and accuracy levels in the warehouse

Value Added Services include Kitting & Bundling, Unit cartonisation and Packaging Services. These services are being provided to companies in FMCG, Food & Beverages, Automotive, Electronics & Hi-tech, Furniture and other industries.

Kitting & Bundling
Kitting or bundling is a process in order fulfilment where individually separate but related/ complementary items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit.FSC provides very competitive benefits which include content accuracy, responsiveness to deadlines and flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions, stringent quality control and process customization.

Unit Cartonisation
Unit Cartonisation is an activity where bulk orders are re-packed into individual units for selling to end-consumers. FSC provides services where unit is re-packed into customer's branded packaging and MRP labelling is done as per the defined MOQs and accessories.

Packaging Solutions
Specifically meant for e-commerce industry, FSC offers complete packaging solutions for all consumption categories such as FMCG, lifestyle, electronics, General Merchandise and furniture. FSC expertises in providing appropriate packaging solutions to customers. Some of the factors considered in terms of the product are unit size, covering required, weight carrying capacity, extra protection in case of fragile products, pilferages, impact on logistics costs and also styling and aesthetics of the packaging.

Returns management
FSC provides support to its customers in the form of effective returns management, which we tailor to suit their needs. In addition to accepting returns, this service also includes the assessment of the goods for possible re-processing. Along with re-processing we also do merchandise wise segregation, damage segregation, ironing/poly packing and re-barcoding.

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