India Food Grid


FSC has embarked on a journey to set up the India Food Grid (IFG), a network of 38 Integrated Food Distribution Centres (IFDC), which will provide pan-India distribution coverage of Food & FMCG products, right from the manufacturing hubs till the point of consumption. Brands can enter the grid from anywhere in the country for consumption anywhere, anytime. It will help improve overall supply chain efficiencies, eliminate wastages, lead to better inventory management and help increase availability of consumer products at locations where the demand is. We believe this will redefine the Food & FMCG supply chain in India.

The IFG Promise:

  • Timely & increased availability of products
  • Ensure speed, accuracy, consistency and reliability of the products delivered with improved freshness
  • Eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain to improve cost to market
  • Frequent replenishment of food and FMCG products & a reliable supply chain management to reduce inventory requirements, thereby enabling the store to increase its overall assortment

Salient Features

Cold Room

Multilevel Shelving and Racking

Picking and Sortation:
Put-to-Light; Voice Pick

Labeling; Weighing

Unitized Delivery:
Rolls Cages; Crates; Tail

Your supply chain decides where
you stand in the game