Infrastructure & Warehousing

FSC has been a pioneer in building GST ready boxes.

  • We are one of those distinguished warehousing companies in India who offer GST ready network of Logistics Parks across all high growth consumption clusters in India
  • Logistics Parks are equipped with state-of-the-art warehouses with exclusive lanes for trucks and employee vehicles, peripheral road to facilitate easy vehicular movement and manage peak Inbound and Outbound movement, truck parking bays and amenities block for drivers
  • Logistics Parks have multiple large, state-of-the-art DCs which are Built-to Suit (BTS) with a minimum height of 12 mts
  • DCs are equipped using global best practices in Pallet racking (G+4 to G+7), Shelving (G+2 to G+5) and best-in-class Material Handling Equipments (MHEs)
  • DCs are designed to ensure six air changes in an hour and better ventilation. Ceiling and all side walls have thermal insulation and louvers to counter extreme temperatures, thus creating better working conditions
  • All DCs are Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) compliant and fully equipped with all modern amenities
  • Integrated Food DCs: - IFDC network is envisaged for the expansion of the Small Format Stores to have a robust supply chain support system. Being one of the leading 3PL and supply chain companies in India, FSC has analyzed and arrived at a network of 38 IFDC’s across the length and breadth of the country which cover a 200 Km radius. This gives a coverage by which these Grocery DC’s would cover approximately 84% of India’s surface area.
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